ountless years have whispered through the ages since the gathering of Warlords of the AGILE alliance and the birth of the Agile Manifesto. Balance, once restored, was disrupted, and darker times arrived. 

Within a secluded mountain sanctuary, hidden deep in the mountains, a petite dwarf woman found herself in a cozy room. The crackling fireplace cast playful shadows on the round table before her, surrounded by vast, low chairs—an ideal setting for a Kanban strategist seeking tactical brainstorming. The last time she sat on this chair was during a meeting that escalated so much that one of the War Commanders stormed out forcefully, causing her to nearly lose her balance. 

Next to her sat her fellow Artisan, utterly absorbed in his drawings, lost in his thoughts. She peered over his shoulder, curious about his masterpiece. It turned out to be a doodle of a fluffy bunny wearing armor, ready to conquer the world. She couldn’t help but chuckle, wondering if this was his unique take on a hare-raising approach, perhaps? She adjusted her dress and posture, realizing it had been ages since she wore something more formal. Even her boots matched her fur shoulder wrap. Her hair’s vibrant orange braid cascaded down and blended harmoniously with the wrap. Usually, she spent her time in the local library, studying, planning, and occasionally attending brief meetings. But today was different—she was looking forward to a full day of work at the Town hall. Confident and determined, she was ready to present her ideas to her colleagues. She had conducted extensive research on the new strategy for the battlefield and was armed with knowledge. She had read every relevant book, interviewed experts, and even consulted an ancient Oracle. Additionally, she visited the engineering lab where they had been testing the “Vigilant Runecharm” and collected testing results. She held a parchment with a lengthy list of questions, possible improvements, and ideas she was prepared to address. 

Upon receiving the news from the Dwarven Herald, who had visited them a week prior, she felt a shiver run down her spine. The whispers of new enemies had reached her ears, and as she dug deeper, the reports grew more alarming by the minute. These enemies were said to possess impenetrable shields – unlike anything, anyone had seen before, and their behavior was unexplainable. What could have caused them to act this way? Was it some sort of dark magic? Or a new weapon technology that no one had yet discovered. As she pondered these questions, her mind raced with the potential threats ahead. Clearly, her team needed to be prepared for anything, and she would ensure they were. 

Glancing through the window, she saw her fellow colleagues working on a conveyor belt in the forge, smashing their hammers and forging weapons. It was an impressive sight, like a synchronized dance of fiery sparks and ringing metal. Sometimes, she longed for the thrill of battle—the adrenaline rush coursing through her veins. It was like dancing on the edge of a sword but in a positive way. Her new role involved countless discussions, negotiations with her boss, the thunderous Grand Hammerlord Windfury, meticulous examination of battle plans, and the occasional sneeze from the dust of ancient tomes in her local library. Windfury had a habit of fashionably late entrances, sometimes causing frustration among the alliance members.  

As she sat and pondered how long they would wait, he suddenly burst into the room with an urgent attitude that reminded her of a hurricane. “We need to go now! The battle is about to start!” he declared, taking her by surprise. Her heart skipped a beat, but she quickly grabbed her strategic notes and maps. The call of adventure was too strong to resist, and she was ready to join with a resounding battle cry! 

About Author 

Tanja Maliković is a seasoned IT professional with extensive expertise spanning over a decade. Her experience primarily lies in product and delivery management, complemented by her proficiency in frontend development, QA, and backend operations. When she’s not engrossed in the dynamic world of technology, Tanja indulges in her passion for books, particularly those within the genres of fantasy, science fiction, and thrillers. Additionally, she cherishes the invaluable moments she shares with her delightful toddler, embracing the joys of parenthood.