BrightMarbles welcomed into the Digital Knights Network

For some time now a trend for companies to outsource their digital innovations is on the rise. Opting to partner with remote tech teams can bring multiple competitive advantages. Still, no matter how skilled remote talent you hire is, it is important to reduce your business risk, the same as when partnering locally.

Enter Digital Knights

Digital Knights scouts the world, finding and vetting tech talent and connects them with businesses that match perfectly with their demand. Confidently, timely, and cost-effectively getting products from ideas to the market.
DK cross-references every project with the track record, characteristics, and profile of approved partners, taking into account technical expertise, industries, domains, and processes, as well as soft skills, culture, and habits, to deliver options that will best suit clients needs.
Partners in the DK network are teams with diverse industry expertise, able to provide support and feedback in business, sales, and marketing as well as technical project aspect.

Our Story

With the audit process led by experts with more than 20 years of experience in the field, the bar is set high. Further testament to the high-bar standards is the fact that 98% of projects matched with DK verified partners are successful and only the top 7% of companies applied gets to be a part of their elite software engineering network.

With this said, proud and excited over the moon, we announce that we’re part of the 7%.
After careful deliberation, due diligence process that tested our technical knowledge, employee satisfaction, processes, and culture against rigorous standards, we became DK verified partner and a part of the above-mentioned elite software engineering network. It’s a big success for a company of our size, so we’re proud and flattered at the same time.

And while our own standards are already high, our forthcoming work will be aimed towards future improvements.