This March, at BrightMarbles Group we proudly celebrated International Women’s Day (March 8th) and Women’s History Month. Following this year’s themes of “Investing in Women & Inspiring Inclusion,” we aimed to create a space for empowerment, inspiration, and growth for women in tech. 

The global underrepresentation of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields remains a significant challenge. According to recent findings by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), only 28% of the global STEM workforce is comprised of women. This lack of diversity not only holds back the potential of talented women but also has a negative impact on the tech industry itself. Studies show that companies with a more diverse workforce achieve 19.1% higher revenue. 

Statistics from the European Commission’s 2023 Report on the state of the Digital Decade paints a similar picture with 81% of employed ICT specialist being male. While data may vary slightly by country, women across the region are significantly underrepresented in STEM fields.  

At BrightMarbles Group, we’re passionate about breaking down these stereotypes and creating a space where female talent can truly shine. We believe that having a diverse and inclusive team isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s the key to driving innovation and achieving success. 

Empowering Women in Tech Careers: Investing in the Future 

We were proud to host two impactful events that aimed to address the specific needs and challenges faced by women considering careers in technology, particularly in the high-growth fields of Quality Assurance (QA) and Cybersecurity. 

Gateway to QA: Empowering Women for a New Career Path 

A computer screen with a group of people attending a webinar about embracing women from all fields and industries to start their career in QA.

Our first initiative was the “Gateway to QA: Empowering Women for a New Career Path” webinar, specifically designed to spark women’s interest in exploring careers in Quality Assurance. Recognizing the potential for a broader audience within our region, we held this webinar in Serbian. 

QA professionals play a vital role in the tech industry, ensuring software quality and functionality. The field offers a dynamic and rewarding career path with excellent job growth prospects. 

Led by Marina Vuković, our Senior QA Engineer, and Milan Stančić, QA Lead, the webinar provided valuable insights for women curious about QA. They delved into the different aspects of Quality Assurance, hands-on demos, the essential skills and qualifications needed for success, and the exciting career paths available. 

Marina Vuković, one of the speakers, perfectly captured the spirit of the event: “Seeing so many women get fired up about QA was the day’s big win for me.” This online event wasn’t just informative, it was transformative, sparking a newfound interest in careers within Quality Assurance (QA) for many of the 34 women who participated. 

See Yourself in Cyber: Unlocking Opportunities for Women 

A women standing in front of a white board with her hands up - lecturing female students for starting a career in cybersecurity in Serbia

On 27th March we hosted the “See Yourself in Cyber: Unlocking opportunities for women” event in collaboration with our partners Best Novi Sad, Women4Cyber Serbia, UN1QUELY, and NTP Novi Sad

According to a 2022 (ISC) Cybersecurity Workforce Report, women currently hold only 24% of cybersecurity jobs globally. This lack of diversity weakens the overall cybersecurity posture of organizations. 

With this event we aimed to inspire young women to consider careers in cybersecurity. Our industry leaders Sanja Kekić, Branko Džakula and Damjan Cvetanović, provided valuable insights into this dynamic field, while showcasing the UN1QUELY’s Cybersecurity Academy program. They were addressing career paths, essential skills, and the unique challenges and rewards women face in cybersecurity. 

Sanja Kekić’s powerful statement resonated deeply with the audience of nearly 42 attendees. She shared, “Every time a woman steps into cybersecurity, everybody wins. They’re toughening up the whole scene. It’s the mix of perspectives that counts, and women add so much with their unique blend of empathy and sharp problem-solving skills.”  

Her statement clearly struck a chord, as evidenced by one attendee’s email: “I’ve always admired cybersecurity, but I never felt like it was something I could reach for. But after attending this event, I realized it’s the perfect fit for my skills and interests. Thank you for opening my eyes to the possibilities!” 

This is exactly what we hoped to achieve – to spark a conversation, challenge assumptions, and empower women to explore careers in cybersecurity.  

Living Our Values: Investing in Women & Inspiring Inclusion in Action 

At BrightMarbles Group, our core values – equity, transparency, diversity & inclusion guide everything we do. ‘Investing in Women’ and ‘Inspiring Inclusion’ are not just slogans, but active principles we strive to embody. The events we hosted during IWD 2024 and Women’s History Month 2024 were just a part of our ongoing commitment to creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and empowered to reach their full potential. 

The “Gateway to QA” and “See Yourself in Cyber” offered a dynamic space for women to connect with leaders, share experiences, and gain valuable insights. The overwhelmingly positive feedback speaks volumes, with one attendee, Magdalena Cvetković, calling the events a “perfect example of a company living its values!” 

“The webinar was a solid 10 out of 10 for me! I’m a huge fan of your company, and this just proves once again that you’re the real deal — a team that truly lives out its values. Looking forward to staying in touch!”
Magdalena Cvetković.

Building Connections and Celebrating Achievements 

Beyond the encouraging events we organized in Serbia, we also celebrated Women’s History Month with a fun and empowering Paint & Wine event. This internal happening served a dual purpose: fostering team building and providing a space for relaxation and fostering connections beyond work. 

Painting Our Dreams: A Creative Celebration 

A group of women sitting at tables at a Paint And Wine company event.

The “Paint & Wine” event had a unique twist that went beyond just following a pre-defined painting. To add a personal touch, we designed a fun “dream drafting” system beforehand. Each of us filled out a form, sharing their childhood dreams and aspirations. Through a playful drawing, each person was then assigned another colleague to create a painting inspired by! 

The resulting artwork served as beautiful reminders of our diverse aspirations and personal journeys. More importantly, the event fostered a deeper sense of connection and understanding among our team. 

Celebrating Success: A Spotlight on BrightMarbles Group Women 

During Women’s History Month we also took the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our incredible female colleagues. We featured special messages of gratitude on our internal communication channels, highlighting the contributions of all our female employees. We acknowledged both big and small accomplishments, showcasing the incredible talent and dedication of our team. 

The Journey Continues 

We’re excited about the progress we’ve made in promoting gender equality in tech, but we recognize that the journey is ongoing. These events are just the beginning. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve and expand our diversity and inclusion efforts. We believe that by creating a supportive and inclusive environment, we can attract and retain top talent, ultimately leading to a more successful and innovative company. 

Get Involved with BrightMarbles Group 

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Together, we can create a tech industry that truly reflects the diversity and talent of our society. Join us on this important mission! 

About Author 

Nastasija Trajanova is a marketing maverick with an impressive track record in diverse fields. She’s worked with NGOs and big-name companies like The Body Shop and Converse and has led digital marketing efforts for Silicon Valley clients. Google certifications for Search and Shopping Ads and Google Analytics are just the cherries on top of her impressive skillset.