Much has changed in the past few months, and companies had to adapt their processes while keeping their regular business up and running. One but not the only process that had to be adapted was hiring. Conducting the process online from start to finish is the safest way to hit those hiring goals.

This is the story of how we, in BrightMarbles, conduct the hiring process during the current event.

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During these past seven months, while we work remotely, we’ve welcomed 14 people to our team and interviewed a few times more candidates.

When applicants apply or are recommended by some of our employees, the first step is scheduling an online test. This is, of course, if we have an opening matching the applicant’s profile.

The test is used to estimate the candidate’s basic programming knowledge, the knowledge not related to the specific technology, or experience. This test was previously done in our office. Candidates would come and fill out the test while getting to know them better and accustom them to the company. Since the test is now done online, we use other occasions to present the company.

Our CTO reviews every test. If a candidate did well on the test, we would schedule a technical interview. The interview form is the same as if it would be in regular times, except it’s done online, via Skype, or Hangouts. Two interviewers with similar professional backgrounds always interview the candidate. We want to have two different people present, due to the objectivity of the whole process.

Again, if everything goes well on the interview, and interviewers agree, a candidate is scheduled for an HR interview. This is the interview where we get to know a candidate better, and we discuss the necessary soft skills and employment terms. If everything goes well for the final time, a candidate receives a written offer in their email.

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The process might take anywhere from one week to one month. We try to keep it as short as possible, but it’s not always achievable.

That’s it. Small tweaks made the process a lot safer for everybody involved. We will further refine our hiring tactics to achieve a process that’s as pleasant, objective, and accurate as possible. As for candidates who didn’t pass our selection process, we keep them updated, and we give our best to provide them with an objective reason why they didn’t pass the selection process as possible.